$NOVO Token

$NOVO will be the Governance token that powers the Novopangea ecosystem. See below to learn about how it can be earned and used.

$NOVO is the native token of Novopangea and is used to stake to District Town Halls within the Novo gameplay. It will be a WAX-pegged token to start with plans to expand to have an ERC-20 and BEP-20 version of the token in the future.

Players can use $NOVO to purchase packs and game assets from the Novo marketplace, blend items in the game, purchase special in-game items, and earn even more rewards by staking $NOVO to in-game District Town Halls. $NOVO tokens also represent voting power, enabling players to participate in governance proposals influencing the game’s destiny.

$NOVO token objectives

Our ultimate goal is to build immersive multiplayer gameplay supported by a stable token economy. This will be supported by:

Liquid, tradable player rewards

$NOVO tokens are designed to be Novopangea's primary reward mechanism. We plan to reward players supporting the game by offering Land Rewards and other Rewards Airdrops.

Aligning incentives

Issuing $NOVO tokens to all participants in the economy, including third-party developers and the community, works to align incentives around Novopangea.

Economic sustainability

$NOVO tokens will be distributed sustainably via a fixed supply schedule. Not only are we rewarding early adopters, but we’re also ensuring we can continue to reward new users for years to come.

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