The Six Realms

The six realms of Novopangea: Earth, Light, Shadow, Space, Time, Water

The land as it was. Under the canopy of nature itself, the sky is a speckled pattern of green and blue. Beams of light shoot through the branches and onto the hung living quarters up above. Birds, beings, and exotic animals alike, life is shared with all in this safe beacon. Vines dangle down, and roots create mazes all around. Casually placed baskets of vegetables and furs sit out in the open. Spears are leaning on a large rock show no sign of being used anytime soon. Scattered interaction in a park-like manner highlights the communal and straightforward ways of the earth realm. Vibrant large birds fly high above, showing the true vastness of this canopy of peaceful giants. Handmade clay water vessels stand stacked in various heights full of rainwater and output down wooden channels that take the water directly to lush gardens—a harmonious environment of nature, strength, and survival.

The streets are long and winding. They are lined in perfect geometrical formation with bright white smooth surfaces and gold-covered buildings catching the sun's reflection. This clean and well-kept society believes in both beauty and order, casting beautiful shadows across markets of fresh fruits and perfectly handmade trinkets and jewelry of the highest quality. The vendors separate themselves with transparent white silks gently blowing in the breeze. Light posts of the utmost craftsmanship act as the centerpieces for the minimally populated pedestrians floating down the sidewalks in perfectly flanked formations. The great mountains, just a shadow in the distance, overlook a beautiful and vibrant blue sky and generous sun.

A grand colosseum full of life and markets lies a large underground center of this vast and well-spread community. All carved directly out of the rock, and simple, the low-lit and systematic center point is where all come together for life's necessities. With only the glowing red cloak of well-spaced fire pits and street lamps, this meeting ground houses many groups. Cloaked in their robes and gathered, some rejoice around fires while others go along their way while walking in solitude. The walls are laced in ancient tribal art that tells the stories of their past and future. Palm readers, healers, and mystics sit patiently while silence creates a feeling of peace for all. Giant shadows seem to dance along the walls of this circular downtown. And in the center lies a unique and beautiful rock formation rich in their culture and plays a vital role in their societal traditions.

They call it the aorta. It is the main pipeline that connects all alleyways and passages in and out of this realm. It consists of a long dark corridor that runs for miles in a straight line. Dark alleys are evenly spaced all the way down, and dim yellow lights can be seen from various levels on both sides. High towers and columns Flanked on both sides. The aorta is the gateway to anything and everything, from blacksmiths and pubs to sleeping quarters and weapon dispensaries. With a bright moon sky always full of stars, this high-altitude city sits above the thick treelines with a light dusting of snow on the ground and a smokey chill in the air. At times it can almost feel like glowing eyes watching over you as you walk through. High above the head and through the light sheet of snowflakes falling, a transportation grid made of flying vehicles can be seen lighting up the night sky like a second layer of stars. Looking up from the ground up while in the aorta can give you a sense of its vast strength and militant drive.

Heart of the gardens. A beautiful garden is located in the core of the realm. Where direction ceases to exist and time plays like a child. As if in the clock's inner workings filled with rose bushes and walkways guided by well-trimmed hedges, the gardens rotate below, above, and on all sides. Sliding plates of beauty slowly rotate around while the people enjoy and share philosophies and theories. You can see floating park benches and an orange tree growing strong but from above. Hanging upside down and suspended for all to share. Small waterfalls are pouring down from the air: lectures, and reading, tinkerers, and stargazers. As a campus of intellects, this common area is full of education and wonderment. Beautiful clocks showing various times graciously decorate the walkways and parks. As if Seurat, Dali, Monet, and Escher all got together and decided it was time to call somewhere home. Both futuristic and classic, the area gives no real sense of time.

Surrounded by the ocean and embraced by nearby islands, the open sea-loving walkways of small-town living show signs of both wear and comfort. A fish market is stacked with fresh catch, tropical flowers, and palm leaves at the end of a wide pier. Flowers of every color and exotic fruits are being sold while children chase one another around a beautiful water fountain. The presents of fishing nets, spears, and small craft boats help decorate their society and show their passion. Large wooden wheels turn water and provide power and ambiance: cracked wood, sun-beaten huts, and a zest for life.

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