Using Atomic Hub to Buy Digital Assets

This guide will walk you through buying a digital asset using the Atomic Hub marketplace.

1. Logging In

The AtomicHub marketplace is going to be the first place you will want to go to look for assets on the Wax blockchain. In this guide we will cover how to Login with your wax wallet as well as the features you will want to familiarize yourself with on Atomic Hub.

The first step will be to log in with your Wax Wallet by clicking on the orange "Login" button in the top right corner.

The Wax Login will appear. Login with the method that you chose when you created your wallet. Either an email and password or by using the Social Sign on functions.

Once you log in you will see your Wax Wallet ID and Balance appear in the top Left corner.

2. Buying a Digital Asset

To buy an asset the first thing you will want to do is click on "Market" in the header area. This will take you to the Atomic Hub Marketplace.

On the lefthand side you can scroll through the collections or you can type the name of the collection you are looking for. In this case we are looking for Novopangea so as I start typing the collection name appears. Click on the collection name "novopangeaio" and all the ards for sale will appear.

At the time of writing only our Promo cards are listed on the market. You can search by the various releases such as Promo, Packs or Drop Releases such as Drop 1. As cards appear additional filters will appear such as Rarity so you can find specific cards you are looking for. You can also type in specifics in the Search bar if you know them and this can also be a quick way to search.

When you have found the card you want to purchase you click on the orange "Buy" button.

A pop up appears confirming the purchase. Click on the orange Buy for "listed price" wax button at the bottom if you are ready to proceed.

If the transaction was successful a Transaction Successful pop up will appear. You can click close.

To see the asset you just purchased click on the Down Arrow next to your wallet Id in the top right corner and then click on Inventory.

The assets that you have purchased will be displayed.Click on "Details" under the card to see more information on your digital asset. Here you will see if there are any other images in this case the image of the back of the card.

If you click on the image you can then see it in full size or potentially play any audio if the card has SFX.

Clicking on the second icon will show the back image of the card.

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