How Voting Works

The community will have the opportunity to vote on various story based decisions This guide breaks it down.

Those that have created a Novo Hub account will have the ability to vote on essential story decisions. You don't even need to own an asset to participate in Social voting. We want everyone to enjoy creating the Novopangea story, so everyone who makes a Novo Hub account will receive voting tickets. Everyone will have the opportunity to build the Novo story and develop critical elements available for gameplay. These may include:

  1. Characters or roles.

  2. Weapons

  3. Species.

  4. Alliances / Enemies

  5. Whether to go to war or seek a peace treaty.

  6. Trade agreements.

  7. New developments or infrastructure needs.

When an account is created, each player will be assigned voting tickets. Each voting round will consist of voting ballots, and each ballot will have a series of decisions that the community will vote on.

A ballot has been created specifically for the Water Realm in this example.

A new defense system is to be introduced to support defensive threats from the Space Realm. Which major weapon should the realm implement?

  1. Water Cannon

  2. Poison Water

  3. Epic Flood

  4. Tsunami

Players will only have a set amount of voting tickets to spend. There is a voting ticket cost that the user will need to incur to cast a vote. Voting ticket costs are as follows:

VotesVoting Ticket Cost





















Let's assume you have twenty-five (25) voting tickets to spend for our example. You could place five votes on one decision or spread those votes on more than one decision. So in our example, I choose to place four (4) votes on the Water Cannon, which will cost me sixteen (16) tickets. I also place three (3) votes on Epic Flood, costing nine (9) tickets. That costs me a total of twenty-five (25) voting tickets. The community votes and Water Canon proves to be the winner. The outcome resulted in me winning sixteen (16) voting tickets to add to my voting total.

The choices will be in the hands of the Novo community to keep the story moving and developing. Your decisions will turn into new NFTs for the community and potentially for Game Mode.

If your choice were not the winner, your votes would reset to their starting total for the subsequent voting round. So if you started the voting round with 100 voting tickets, none of your choices were successful, and your voting tickets will reset for the next round.

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