The Collection

This guide will work through the cards and collectibles that will be released.

Every asset you collect will have a point total associated with it. The section on Creator Credits will explain this in more detail.

Promo Cards:

Each release there will be a series of Promo Cards these will be issued in three rarity tiers.

  1. Paper (common)

  2. Silver (rare)

  3. Gold (legendary)

Sketch Cards Release:

To launch the Novopangea collection, we will be issuing concept sketches of final artwork that may be featured in the Chapter 1 release. This release will be the only time that we publish the chapter 1 sketch cards. There will be three rarity tiers for this release.

  1. Studio (common)

  2. Gallery (rare)

  3. Museum (legendary)

Rarity Tiers:

  1. Common

  2. Uncommon

  3. Rare

  4. Epic

  5. Legendary

  6. Mythic

3D Models:

Limited edition 3D Digital Collectibles of the 6 main characters (Giwa, Umina, Syespo, Lutefourous, Vebora, and Amanzi) coming soon!

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