The Genesis Story

The story begins here with Zine the Creator of Creators!

“Balance is a thing of both beauty and courage. A taking of chance and a found likeness beyond your own perceptions. To come together as one and give for a greater good is that of legends. The beginning, an understanding, a oneness unified for the betterment of life and the very air that enters our lungs. As one, we stand tall. Apart we fall. And it all starts with a moment.”

Equally divided, the creators are a symmetry of two thoughts. The first is the cycle of existence and the second is hope. Chosen by the element directly, the six were gifted with one direct connection to all life. Light, Shadow, Space, Time, Earth, and Water. Connected, the first breath is taken. Despite the creators being united and the stage being set, freewill still holds the unknown.

One Land. Boundless Ocean

Rooted by six creators, six elements in six regions, they have but one chance to get it right. Will the spark of harmony be lit, or will the balance be maintained through survival? Can Genesis prevail on this earth at this time? and the quest is already in motion, and creation has never ceased to be. Possibility courses through the veins of Novopangea, but its well-being is at stake. The prophecy of division or alliance is still unknown thus a journey of realization, mortality, faith, past, and future presides. Six lenses all seeking the same truth.

How do we continue and who will stand in my way? Let us all find out together. Here and Now……… this is Novopangea.

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