Novo Game Hub

This guide will cover the Novo Game Hub, which is the glue to the entire Novopangea project.

The world of Novopangea will live inside of our Novo Hub. When you visit the Hub for the first time, you will create a user account, and you will then be able to log in with your WAX or Anchor wallet.

Here, players will be able to see their Novopangea collection, use their Creator Credits for game items in the marketplace, participate in story voting and best of all enter the Novo Game!

Below are some concepts of the UI for the Players Hub. Design elements may change before release. We plan to have a Mobile version so players can easily access the hub while on their phones.

Accessing the Game

Once you have logged into the Novo Hub simply click on Game Mode. When the game is released the necessary screens will appear allowing players to enter the game.

Redeeming your Creator Credits for Game Asset

Step 1 is to click on Marketplace in the Players Hub and select the item that you want to redeem with your Creator Credits. The amount of credits you need will be displayed under the item.

Step 2 is to then select the cards you want to transfer to the Novo Treasury. As covered earlier, the rarity of the asset will determine the corresponding credit value assigned to it. A common story asset for example is worth 1 Creator Credit.

Once you have confirmed the cards you want to transfer, a final warning message will appear, and then you can transfer your assets.

Step 3 will show that the Game Asset has been added to your account.

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