Lets dive deeper into buildings and how the fuel the ecosystem of Novopangea.

Game Release Buildings

  • Energy mines (produce energy resources)

  • Materials Buildings (produce materials resource)

  • Food Facilities (produce food resource)

  • Residential Buildings (where Skilled workers eat and rest after their shift)

Energy, Materials, and Food will be the public resources produced across all realms from the Novopangea buildings. The yield that the building produces will be determined by two factors. The level of the building and the level of your Skilled Workers.

How to get a Building

You can get your hands on a building in one of two ways:

a) By redeeming Creator Credits in the Nov Hub for a Building Asset.

b) Purchasing a building asset directly on the Wax Secondary markets.

Once a building is in your Wax Wallet we can now add it to the game. To do this, you will need to assign it to a piece of land. Land can either be owned by your, or you can rent it from another player. By clicking on the appropriate plot of the land the game UI will then show your available buildings and you can select it to be added to the plot. To start production you will need to assign either your own team of Skilled Workers or by posting a job for other players to add theirs.

Can I run a building in another Realm?

Yes, you can by acquiring a Travel Pass. These are available in the Novo Game Hub for 25 Creator Credits or can be purchased on the secondary market.

As the game expands, these same buildings will be able to produce Realm Specific resources. These resources will support the later release of our PVP game mode.


You will need to manage the storage for each resource (Obsidian, Energy, Materials, and Food). Storage won't be a building on the map but will be housed within the gaming User Interface. You can see the resources displayed in the game UI above.

Building Owners will need to determine what resources they want to keep and store or sell to the Novo Treasury to receive Obsidian. As production levels increase, players need to be mindful that they have enough storage. Upgrading your storage facilities will be possible as you accrue more resources.

Storage will need to be upgraded by spending Obsidian plus the materials resource. The storage rates to level up storage will be released closer to the game release.

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