It all starts with Land in the world of Novopangea. See below on how you can get your hands on prime dirt.

Novopangea Land is the foundational asset that will drive the Novopangea economy eco-system.

To get your hands on land, you will need to do one of two things:

a) You can accumulate Creator Credits by collecting Story-Based Cards and then exchange them for a Land Claim within the Novo Game Hub. b) You can purchase them directly through the Wax Secondary Markets.

Land selection in the Six Realms.

As you enter Novopangea, you will be greeted with the Novopangea Map. You will go through the process of choosing a Realm and then a district within that realm.

After you have selected a district, you will be able to find empty plots within your chosen realm.

When adding your first asset to the game. This could be land, a building, or a skilled worker. The first district you add it to will be classified as your "home district" within your chosen realm. Your district is then locked for 30 days. You can move your land and building assets around in your Home District, but changing to a different one you call home won't be possible until that time limit ends.

Will Players be able to own Land in other Realms?

Players can have land, buildings, and Skilled Workers in other realms. You can purchase a Travel Pass and expand your empire to another Realm.

Novopangea Land Information

  • Total Lifetime Plots in Novopangea: 13,200

    • At the time of this writing, there are approximately 2,300 plots left. Time Realm has sold out and is only available on the secondary market.

  • Total Plots in each Realm: 2,200

  • Each Realm consists of 11 Districts.

  • Each District consists of 200 Plots.

  • Landowners will be eligible to participate in the Private token sale of $NOVO on February 19th.

  • Landowners with their land in the game with a building staked to it will be eligible for a monthly $NOVO Land Reward.

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