Roadmap & Completed Milestones

We will continue to outline future roadmap plans here as well as completed milestones.

Pre Launch

Launch of Social Media Accounts for Novopangea

Project Survey Launch

Launch of

Promo NFT Launches across Social Media.

Release of Sketch cards for Chapter 1.

Release of the Players Hub and Community Voting.

Phase 1 release of the Novo marketplace.

Release of Land Claims redemptions with Creator Creditor Credits.

Chapter 1 release of Novopangea on Atomic Hub.

First story mode cards from voting ballots. Current (Q3 2022 - Q1 2023 Priorities)

Novo Game - Phase 1 of the Land Economy game.

  • Phase 1 Building Release

  • Phase 1 Skilled Workers

  • Phase 1 Game Resources.

  • Plot Selection on Map.

  • Beta release of Game Mode of July 11th.

  • Upgrade Buildings, Skilled Workers, and Storage

  • Staking of Epic, Legendary, and Mythic for Cool-down Reductions.

  • Chapter 2 Content Release.

  • Release of Residential Buildings

  • Bulk Actions to improve Quality of Life in the game.

Token Release, Token Staking, and Rewards. 🆕Private and Public sales of the Novo Token (Feb 19th, Feb 23rd) 🆕Release of $NOVO on Alcor (Feb 28th) 🆕Land Reward Program. (For Landowners with a building added to their land.) 🆕Town Hall Staking 🆕Rewards program for staked assets to the game. 🆕Purchasing packs with the Novo Token.

Novopangea Story - Prologue Launch

Release of the Novopangea Portal Launch of Social Storytelling 🆕Launch of the new Story content on the Novopangea Website. 🆕Citizen Passport Photo Release 🆕Release of 1st Round of Social Voting 🆕1st Round of Portal Voting for Novopangea Citizens 🆕Release of the Prologue Story Summaries Additional Roadmap Priorities (Q2 - Q4 2023)

Novopangea Game

🔜 Additional QOL and Bulk Actions (Skilled Workers) 🔜 MVP Release of PVP 🔜 District Cosmetic Configurations 🔜 Global staking Rewards with Levels 🔜 Seasonal Reward Program 🔜 Referral Program 🔜 Level 5 buildings and skilled workers 🔜 Taxation 🔜 Realm-Specific Resources 🔜 Trading Posts Novpangea Story

🔜 Chapters 1 - 6 through Social Storytelling. 🔜 Chapter Recap continued development of summary content. 🔜 Release of Collectible Content for Chapters 1 - 6 🔜 Novopangea Portal App

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