Skilled Workers

Skilled Workers will be needed to produce resources out of your buildings. Read below to learn how execute the workers.

Skilled Workers will be needed in order for Buildings to run each day. There are two paths to having workers in your building.

  1. Hiring your own Skilled Workers.

  2. Outsourcing the hiring of your Skilled Workers.

Hiring your own Skilled Workers

If you would rather build your own team of your workers then this path will be for you. Skilled workers will be available by either:

a) Exchanging Creator Credits for Skilled workers in the Nov Hub

b) Purchasing them through the Wax Secondary market.

Within the in game UI you will simply need to click on one of your buildings and then select one of your skilled workers available by clicking "Add Worker".

When the worker is added Obsidian is then deducted from your account to pay the wage to the worker. At the start of the game the Novo Treasury will set the minimum wage. This amount will be fixed until the economy is stable. At that time Wages can then be set by players.

Using Your Own Team of Workers

If you plan to assign your own team of skilled workers to a building you will need to toggle that setting on. To do this head to the Building Inventory UI and you will see a "Set Wage" CTA under the building.

Once that is clicked a modal will appear as below. As mentioned above the wage will be fixed to start but you will want to check the box "I plan to use my Skilled Workers". This is important because it will mean that other players can not add their skilled workers to your buildings. If click "Submit" and do not check this box it will mean that other players can then assign their workers to your building.

If you are planning to hold your own Skilled Worker asset(s) you will still need to set a wage for their shift. That wage however will be returned to you minus the rate of taxation that is set for the district. A wage floor amount will be set for all players. So if the wage is Five OBS, and the Tax rate is 20%. Five OBS would be taken from your account, and four would be returned. The 1 OBS deducted would be for the District Tax.

Jobs for Hire

Posting Jobs for Contracted Workers If you don't want to take on your team of Skilled Workers, you can also find contractors who can supply your buildings with labor.

As mentioned above to set the Wage simply go into the Building Inventory UI and set the wage for the building. You need to Uncheck the "I plan to use my Skilled Workers". Your building is now added to the Jobs board for other players to see.

Adding You're Skilled Workers to other players' Buildings.

If you do not own a building but have a team of workers, you can look for players that have posted jobs so that your workers can earn Obsidian. You can also do this by going to the District Map view and clicking on a specific building to see if jobs are available. The modal will show you if there are any job openings within the building.

Shift Management

Shift Time

Skilled Worker's shifts will be 12 hours within a building. Once the shift concludes workers will need to find a residential building to eat and then rest for 24 hours before they can be available again for another shift. This rest period can be reduced with Speed Ups, Leveling up and Residential buildings, and other mechanics. This is all covered in the Novopangea Game Guide.

Replenishment with Food Resources:

At the end of a worker's shift, a Skilled Worker will need to replenish by consuming the food resource. Once a Skilled Worker is added to a Residential Building Food will be deducted from your storage and the rest period will begin. When the rest ends you can release your Skilled Worker and they will be ready to pick up a new shift.

Reducing Cool Downs with High-End Story Mode Cards.

Residents holding Gold promo cards, Museum Sketch, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Story Mode cards will be able to reduce cooldowns. You can assign one of these cards to a specific asset to reduce the cool-down period. The higher the rarity the higher the reduction. Learn more about Speed Ups in the Novopangea Game Guide.

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