Game Roles

There will be various roles that you will be able to play in Novopangea. This section explains them.

Land Owner

Any player who owns a land plot within Novopangea is a landowner. The landowner can actively play by adding a building onto their land plot or passively play by renting their land to a player who owns a building. Click below to learn more about Land.


‌Building Owner

A building owner is a player who chooses to add a building to a landowner's plot or a building to a piece of land they own.

If you are renting land from another player for your building, you must agree on the rental rate that is being offered All rental fees are paid in Obsidian and are paid at the time of the intelligent contract being executed. Once the Obsidian is paid, the rental agreement starts, and the building is added to the land plot.

Rental agreements are for seven days maximum with the game's current release. After seven days, the current building owner will need to sign a new contract with the landowner. The landowner will have the option to change their rental fee at the end of the seven days. *Longer rental agreements are being planned for a future release.

Click the link below to learn more about buildings in Economy Play.


Building Owners will then need to add Skilled Workers to their buildings for the facility to run. They can be hired directly by purchasing a Skilled worker asset, or a Building Owner can post a job seeking Skilled Workers from other players.

Buildings Owners will have daily costs to run their buildings. You can learn more about their daily costs by clicking here.


Contractors have teams of Skilled Workers who Building Owners can hire. If a Skilled Worker is assigned to a vacant job opening, the Obsidian will be transferred from the Building Owner to the contractor's account as soon as the contract is assigned. The Skilled Worker's shift then commences. Once the shift concludes, the worker will need to eat and rest before being available again for another assignment.

Skilled Worker's shifts are 12 hours; at the end of the shift, they need to rest for 24 hours. (**This is currently in review to being changed to 12 hours based on player feedback)

Workers will need to be assigned to a Residential Building. Here they will consume the food resource, and the resting cooldown will begin. Click here to learn more about how the cool-down times can be reduced.

Click below to learn more about Skilled workers.

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