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How to Get Started

Below is a summary of the paths you can take to get started inside of the game of Novopangea.

Step 1: Get a Wax Account

First and foremost you will not be able to play the Novopangea game unless you have a Wax wallet. You will need a Wax Wallet to participate in the game. If you are new to Wax and don't have a wallet then please click here to go through the guide on how to create a wallet.

Step 2: Get your Novopangea Story Packs

Visit and purchase Novopangea digital cards.

Step 3: Visit the Novopangea Hub and Claim your Game Assets

Create a Novopangea account by visiting
Once you are logged in, you will see at the very top how many Creator Credits you have accrued from the cards you have in your Collection. Each rarity tier is assigned a Credit value. Think of it like an airline rewards program.
By clicking on "Marketplace", you can use your Creator Credits to redeem game assets. For example, a common card = 1 Creator Credit, and a Rare card = 9 Creator Credits.
Choose the Game Asset you want to redeem.
Choose the Cards you want to use in exchange for your gaming asset.
A land plot costs 34 Creator Credits. You could use 2 Rare Cards for 18 Credits + 18 Commons and exchange them for 1 Land Plot. Your cards are transferred to the Novo Treasury, and in return, you receive the game asset you selected.
Click here to learn more about Creator Credits and the values per rarity.

Step 4: Let's Start Playing

You can enter the game by visiting the URL:
If you are inside the Novo Hub you can also click on the "Play Game" link.

Purchasing Assets on the Secondary Market.

If you would prefer to purchase assets on the Secondary market, you can visit Atomic Hub and purchase assets there.
By filtering for Land, Buildings, Skilled Workers you can purchase assets from other players.
Once you have purchased assets, you can then create an account at the Novopangea Players Hub by clicking here.