Novopangea Introduction
This will be a working document of the Novopangea™ project. Last updated January 2022.


The information provided in this whitepaper is only for information purposes of the Novopangea™ project. The content in this document should not be interpreted as a recommendation of investment in the game’s assets. Asset pricing may fluctuate, and risks associated with changing market conditions are out of the control of the Novopangea team. Any financial plans communicated within this document may be adjusted to adapt to future situations and market conditions. Our goal will always be to achieve the optimal performance of the Novopangea ecosystem.

Welcome to Novopangea

Novopangea is a community experience where users will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into two unique experiences. These will be "Story Mode" and "Game Mode."
This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity where the community will be able to make key decisions that build the foundation of future collectibles, gaming assets, and IP of Novopangea.
How many times have you watched shows and said to yourself or friends, "How cool would have been if they had "a particular weapon" or I wish a character had made a different choice." These opportunities will come to life in Story Mode within Novopangea. The community will be in the director's chair!
The Play to Earn movement is on fire, and there is no question that the base characters, beasts, and landscapes within Novopangea lend themselves well for a gaming infrastructure. With that, we will be introducing a game mode for Novopangea as Phase 2 of our project Players will have the opportunity to earn through:
  1. 1.
    Mining and Economy Game Play.
  2. 2.
    PvE Gameplay.
  3. 3.
    PVP Gameplay.
  4. 4.
    Selling NFTs on the secondary market.
There will be resources and tokens that players will earn and need to use within the Novo ecosystem. Our goal is to build an experience where players need to manage resources and attributes to ensure their gaming experience is built for optimum success. For this ecosystem to be a fully functioning economy, supply and demand forces will need to work together to return value to our players, collectors, community creators, and investors.
Phase 1 of the Novopangea project will start with Story Mode. As the story progresses through the community, we will launch the foundation of Game Mode.
Novopangea Mission and Vision.
The Novopangea project is a fun and exciting way for enthusiasts to enjoy amazing content, a great story and get introduced to the world of blockchain-based technology. First and foremost, we want our content and experience to be immersive. Through visual animations and Sound Effects, our goal is to bring the Novo world to life.
The vision is to build a collection of brands all built within the Novopangea story. We see each of our realm heroes being their own brand and that's going to be very exciting as we build the Novopangea world with you. We want this to be a community where we can all get together, have fun and make some cool shit!
Our creators who support the building of the Novopangea through Story Mode will always be rewarded first.
What we believe to be true.
We believe in inclusiveness and ensuring that everyone has a voice.
We believe in creating an eco-system where creators and players can control the destiny of economic opportunities.
We believe in you. Let's do this!
Welcome to Novopangea!
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