District Residency and Taxes

Choosing your residency and paying your way. It's all explained here.

Choose Your Home District

As was discussed in the Buildings section you will need to decide which District is going to be your home residence. This will be decided when you add either a plot of land, a building, or a skilled worker to the game for the first time. You will not be able to change your home district for 30 days. If you do want to have your home residence be in a different district you will need to wait 30 days.

Can I have Land / Buildings or Skilled Workers in other Districts?

In your chosen realm yes. As we mentioned in the buildings section having land, buildings or skilled workers in other realms will not be possible until we release realm permits.


Resident Taxes:

A small percentage of each resident's Obsidian earnings will transfer into your district's smart contract. These taxes will allow the district to add potential infrastructure needs that serve all their residents.

Non-Resident Taxes:

Players that own land or buildings out of their respective districts, including other realms, will need to pay a determined tax rate to the district they are doing business in.

Taxes still have not been released yet so now is a great time to maximize your earning potential in the game. Taxes will be released later in 2023.

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