Creating a Wax Wallet

Quick guide on how to setup a Wax Wallet.

Setting up a WAX wallet is really easy. A few steps are all you need to create your account.

First, head over to:

Wax Wallet Sign-On Page

When you arrive at the Wax Cloud Wallet page firstly click: "Sign up for New Account".

Simply enter:

  1. Your email

  2. Create a Password

  3. Re-Enter your Password

  4. Complete the Captcha

  5. Click SignUp

Option 2 is to Sign Up using a Social Account.

2. Navigating the Wax Wallet Interface

Once you have created your account you will be presented with the Wax wallet interface. Like most new platforms you will need to get use to where everything is. Let's go through the interface.

On the right hand side you will a string of letters and numbers with .wam extension. This is your wax wallet ID.

The first thing you will want to do is Buy some WAXP so you can buy some digital assets. When you click on Buy WAXP you will be presented with processor options to purchase some WAXP. If you are new to crypto you may want to use the credit card options that are presented. That being said you will get much better exchanges through crypto exchanges such as Bittrex and Kucoin. We will post a future video showing how to move funds from those exchanges into your Wax account.

When you purchase digital assets using one of the Wax marketplaces you can see your assets anytime by logging into your wallet and clicking on NFTs in the left-hand navigation.

Send, Receive, and Resources are the other functions you will want to familiarize yourself with. If you want to Transfer an asset to another user, you will click on the "Send" button. If you need to share your Wax Wallet ID and want to use a QR Code, click on "Receive" a QR code is available that can be shared with others.

Resources is what you will need to click on when your storage is getting low or if you are performing a lot of functions within Wax-built games. We will cover resources in more detail in a later video.

You have your Wax Wallet setup and some WAXP in your wallet. It's time to buy your first asset. The next walkthrough will show you how to use Atomic Hub, the major marketplace for buying, selling, and trading digital assets on Wax.

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