Story NFTs

Novopangea is a game rooted in story.
We wanted to put the power of choice and decision-making in the hands of the community. Story mode gives the ability for the community to shape key story outcomes, which will, in turn, determine what new content gets released as brand new NFTs.
To start, the Novopangea creative team has built a foundational story to launch the project. During pre-determined periods voting ballots are presented to all active Novo creators to vote on critical decisions. The creative will help shape and guide the preliminary voting periods. In time the project plan lets the community submit the choices that will appear on all ballots.
To sweeten the pot, even more, we have created a points-based program called Creator Credits. As players collect NFTs released through Story Mode, they will earn Creator Credits. These credits will then be able to be redeemed in the Novopangea shop for Game Resources and NFTs.
Our mission is that our creators who build the world of Novopangea are rewarded first. And so with that, we are excited for Creator Credits as it will give our creators a direct pathway to redeem valuable content and play to earn resources.

Story Guides