Web 3 Economy Management

Novopangea has partnered with Machinations the world leading game economy platform.
The Novopangea team is excited to share that we have partnered with Machinations, a world-leading game economy platform, to verify Web3 game economies.
Machinations will verify Novopangeas game economy by undergoing a thorough process involving large-scale simulations for different scenarios and testing for inflation and deflation events. We will receive the Verified by Machinations Seal upon meeting their criteria. After that, the Machinations team will monitor Novopangeas game economy and alert us to any potential issues to find solutions to maintain balance. If you want to know more about the process, visit: https://machinations.io/web3
When we started this project, our goal was to find key partners that we knew would provide differentiation for our project and help with the challenging nature of Web3 P2E games. As projects scale and factors within the ecosystem start to shift, we have seen primary tokens with other projects turn hyperinflationary and or NFTs accelerate in price, making an entry for new players difficult. By partnering with the Machinations team, we know that we will have a verified healthy economy for our players right from the start and the tools to ensure our economy stays verified.
For Novopangea to retain the seal of “Verified by Machinations,” the team must continuously monitor and re-forecast based on live telemetry & Web 3.0 market data. Alerts and insights are triggered by Machinations on the back of real-time data within the Novopangea ecosystem. This consistent flow of data will allow our team to constantly predict the economy’s long-term economic health & sustainability for our players.