$NOVO Token

$NOVO will be the Governance token that powers the Novopangea ecosystem. See below to learn about how it can be earned and used.
$NOVO is the native token of Novopangea and is used to stake to District Town Halls within the Novo gameplay. It exists on the Ethereum, WAX, and BSC blockchains so that users can store Novo on the chain of their preference and use it for the games constructed on WAX.
Players can use $NOVO to purchase packs from the Novo marketplace NFTs, craft new NFTs, purchase special in-game items, and earn even more rewards by staking $NOVO to in-game District Town Halls. $NOVO tokens also represent voting power, enabling players to participate in governance proposals that influence the game’s destiny.

$NOVO token objectives

Our ultimate goal is to build immersive multiplayer gameplay supported by a stable token economy. This will be supported by:

Liquid, tradable player rewards

$NOVO tokens are designed to be Novopangea's primary reward mechanism. By offering NOVO as a multi-chain token, players can earn rewards that can be easily traded with others or even leveraged outside of the game.

Aligning incentives

Issuing $NOVO tokens to all participants in the economy, including third-party developers and the community, works to align incentives around Novopangea.

Economic sustainability

$NOVO tokens will be distributed sustainably via a fixed supply schedule. Not only are we rewarding early adopters, but we’re ensuring we can continue to reward new users for years to come