Token Pool Breakdown

Play to Earn Rewards

300,000,000 $NOVO tokens (30% of total) are reserved for the Play and Earn Rewards pool. This is the largest allocation as Play to Earn is the key value proposition of Novopangea. With this rewards pool, we aim to attract a large group of active players to participate in the Novopangea ecosystem. A fixed amount of $NOVO tokens will be allocated for those staking to the District Town Halls as well as future PVP Seasonal Tournaments.

Treasury Fund ‌

300,000,000 $NOVO tokens (30% of total) tokens have been allocated to Zine Group LLC, the team behind the Novopangea. This allocation of tokens will be used for the following purposes:
Influencer Marketing Collaborations Community Giveaways Community Engagement Referral Rewards Traditional Social Media Marketing Sponsorships & Partnerships Additional Fundraising No individual team members, board members, or founders will be allocated any $NOVO tokens from this pool. This is strictly a reserve that’s allocated to Zine Group LLC.

Token Liquidity

70,000,000 $NOVO tokens (7% of total) will be allocated to token liquidity with 30% 21M unlocked immediately This portion of the token is used to provide liquidity to users, exchange partnerships, and other functions the Foundation deems are in the best interest of improvingthe token ecosystem.

Token Sale

A total of 140,000,000 $NOVO tokens (14% of total) will be sold via three token sales.

Seed Round:

A total of 60,000,000 $NOVO tokens (6% of the total) will be sold via seed round with the best token price being issued during this round.

Private Round:

A total of 50,000,000 $NOVO tokens (5% of the total) will be sold via a private round to potential Venture Capitalist Groups and Individual investors.

Private IDO / ICO

A total of 30,000,0000 $NOVO tokens (3% of the total) will be sold via public sale. The public token sale will be used to encourage early use of the token and raises the value for all participants in the ecosystem.

Team & Advisors

A total of 190,000,000 $NOVO tokens (19% of the total) have been set aside for individual team members and advisors who are supporting the development and growth of the Novopangea project through Zine Group LLC.